Now the meeting house is open again, we look forward to welcoming you at the door by a member of the pastoral care group and showing you our meeting room. If you are completely new to Quakers, you will be offered an explanatory leaflet.

Please feel free to sit anywhere you feel comfortable, though you might want to avoid the front bench where the Clerk and Elder sit.

The Meeting for Worship, though scheduled for 10.30 am starts as soon as the first person enters the room and settles into worship. The Meeting is ended by the Elders who shake hands after about an hour and we usually greet those sitting near us. The children tell us what they have been doing in Children’s Meeting and after notices we have tea and coffee. This is a good time to ask us any questions you might have. We have a well-stocked library and you are welcome to borrow books.

A Quaker Meeting may appear to lack leadership but it is present and is shared widely. There are many roles which people share for a few years at a time. Elders are responsible for the spiritual life of the Meeting and members of the pastoral group ensure that everyone in the Meeting feels cared for.

Friargate Elders

Alison Forrester    Ben Arnup    Danielle Palmour

Donald Purves    Graham Ralph     Jenny Allott

Madeleine Kay    Sarah Allen    Stephen Campbell